Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bible Study & Discipleship Resources

I am presently applying at Covenant Seminary with plans to pursue a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. Covenant has a well establish distance education program that will work very well with my ministry schedule at Parkview. As I was looking over the website I noticed that Covenant offers numerous free courses through a program called Covenant Worldwide. Here is their mission.
Covenant Worldwide's mission is to provide ready access to grace-centered, high-quality theological training by minimizing the barriers of distance, cost, and language. This mission recognizes our part in stewarding the resources of theological education to the Church, which is growing most rapidly in areas of the world where ministry training is often least available.

Our hope and prayer is that no matter where God has stationed you in His Kingdom or how He has gifted you to serve, you will find that these resources encourage, strengthen, and equip your ministry and Christian walk.
This looks like a great program for those who are incapable to pursue theological training due to location or financial resources. You can see the available courses here.

Here are a couple of other great resources that I use when researching Biblical issues. Are there some other resources you use? If so, leave them as a comment.
  • Biblegateway is a fantastic resource for viewing Bible verses in numerous versions. You can also "word search" in each version.
  • has all sorts of articles on varying theological issues from a reformed perspective.
  • makes available manuscripts of sermons by John Piper. You can search any topic on the main home page.
  • links to numerous Bible study resources here.


Julie said...

Way to Go on Covenant!!! :-)

Online Resources/Free Software that I use...

Biblical Training - lay & seminary level courses, online, free
Ockenga Courses - Dimensions of the Faith - free courses from Gordon Conwell
Christian - more free courses - lexicons, commentaries, bibles, oh my! ;-)
NET bible & lots of biblestudies - tons of notes in the New English Translation on why a certain word was chosen and possible alternatives
Christian Classics Ethereal Library - full text of lots of material free online.
Navresources - Toolbox, lots of evangelistic tools
Answers in Genesis - creation vs. evolution
Christian Research Institute - apologetics
e-Sword - FREE biblestudy software, includes an ESV
Scripture Memory System - FREE windows software, make your own lists, speaks the verses, teaches in 5 ways, quizzes you on the new stuff and reviews. Stellar!! -Community to memorize in. Five different challenges at various levels from key verses to whole books!

scooterpastor said...

Wow Julie! You earn the title "Queen of Web Resources!" Thanks for the great links!