Monday, August 14, 2006

Getting Things Done

Over the last six months I have been plagued with an email inbox that I could never get empty and have always struggled keeping on top of the stacks of books and papers on my desk. After reading a post on Between Two Worlds from Wayne Grudem in which he recommended the book “Getting Things Done” I was hopeful that this was the help I was needing to get my life better organized.

Over sabbatical I read the book and I’ve got to say that I was thoroughly impressed by the ways in which David Allen’s book presented a practical plan for helping people become more organized and productive. Since reading his book, my email inbox has been empty and my office is more organized then it has ever been.

If you struggle keeping on top of all the details in your life, or are just looking for some new tricks to up your level of productivity, this is a worthwhile read.

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