Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Be On Time... Lombardi Time

With our new service schedule we have shortened the technical run-through preceding the Saturday service in order to be as considerate as possible to the time every volunteer puts into serving. To make this work; however, it will require people getting to sound-check early so we can start right on time. One of our bass players Andy suggested we all get on Lombardi time. You can get the actual clock here. Maybe the Arts Ministry should get everyone one of these “10 Minutes Early Or It’s Too Late” clocks. The college staff at Parkview used to have the rule that if you were more than 5 minutes late for 3 meetings in a semester you would be required to do an hour of cleaning for each staff member. The penalty produced results with no one ever getting the three strikes. I think for now we’ll just rely on communicating the expectation. Do you have any stories of extreme measures used to keep people on time?

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