Friday, August 08, 2008

Saturday Work Projects

On Saturday two crews will be coming to work at Parkview. If you are one of those coming, please report to the picnic shelter at the church at 8:30 am where one of the deacons will greet you to assign tasks. The present plan is to work at the Parkview facility in the morning and possibly transition to a few community locations in the afternoon. Each group will be responsible for bringing lunches.

The following are the projects that will be performed on site. Please check the equipment lists following each task. We have some equipment on site, but it wouldn't hurt to bring things like rakes, wheel barrows, hand trucks, etc. if possible.
  • Remove all of the furnaces and accompanying debris from the building, placing them in the same area of the parking lot for pick-up and disposal later in the week. Smaller items should be placed in the dumpster. (EQUIPMENT: hand carts, work glove, wheel barrows)
  • Remove the tiles and insulation marked with blue tape on the north side of the building. Stack the tile and insulation neatly to the middle of the room. (EQUIPMENT: masks, gloves, and ladders)
  • Work with Jim Heefner raking and grading the parking islands. (EQUIPMENT: rakes)
  • The metal doors could use some touching up, in particular the light tan color on the interior doors in the south addition (EQUIPMENT: paint and brushes supplied by Parkview)
  • Using bleach from the flood buckets, a rag and twine we need to clean the conduit located in the floor of the atrium spanning from the technology booth to the stage area (east wall). If possible also clean out the conduit connecting the north and south side of the atrium. (EQUIPMENT: bleach from flood buckets, wire puller, rags)
  • Paint the yellow play car on the playground. (EQUIPMENT: spray paint supplied by Parkview)
  • Clean up shower stalls using materials from the flood buckets. (EQUIPMENT: use flood buckets on site. Ask Jim Heefner for water access)
  • Install plastic on doors in gym using heavy plastic and duct tape (leave an entrance slit on the east and west double door and the center north door). (EQUIPMENT: heavy plastic and duct tape provided by Parkview)
  • Clean up the work site. Do some general tidying of material around the work site (sweep up piles, organize cleaning supplies, etc…). (EQUIPMENT: brooms, dust pans, and possibly wheel barrows)
  • Using spray bleach and paper towels, clean off the “low voltage” cabling in the atrium and chapel tech booth area. (EQUIPMENT: spray and paper towels supplied by Parkview)
  • Remove the conduit from the chapel and place it in the dumpster. (EQUIPMENT: work gloves and wheel barrow)
  • Rip out the tile in the game storage closet in the gym. The floor scrapers on site should be used for this job. Debris from this can be placed in the dumpsters. (EQUIPMENT: floor scrapers (on site) and wheel barrow)

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