Thursday, August 07, 2008

Movin Right Along

It has been a very busy week at 15 Foster Road as our electricians, telephone technicians, and plumbers made some good progress. Water service is now restored to the building and insulation will be going up in the exterior walls in the very near future.

This week one of my highlights was giving oversight to one of our guest work teams from Moss Point, Mississippi. This crew of 14 came from Safe Harbor Methodist Church only a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. The church and homes of this team were all damaged by Hurricaine Katrina. They were so blessed by the Iowa teams helping them in their restoration that they wanted to come and help us out with our recovery. They were hosted by the Methodist Church in Williamsburg and spent almost four full days working at the church. They were working so fast this week that I felt a bit like a general contractor trying to keep them supplied and working on projects. All I can say is that there must be something to "southern hospitality" because these folks were so kind, caring and a lot of fun to work with.

Below are a few pictures from the week!

Here is an example of the new conduit the electrician has been installing throughout the building.

One of the plumbers capping off our water system.

A few pictures of the Safe Harbor crew at work.

Our telephone and internet lines being installed.

Cleaning out a floor conduit used for sound cable in the chapel.

A view of the chapel from the baptistery.

A picture of "Brother Dave", one of the hosts from the church in Williamsburg.

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