Friday, August 15, 2008

Drywall is Flyin’

Things are moving along quickly at our 15 Foster location. As you can see in the pictures below, drywall is getting thrown up on the south side of the facility and Jim Heefner is making good progress on the entryway landscaping.

There are work days scheduled for outside teams on September 6 and 20. We will also be organizing some skilled labor teams from within the church. More will be coming on that in the near future.

A view of the lobby looking from north to south.

The following are a couple of shots of the nursery area on the north side. We've still got quite a bit of wiring and insulating work to do on that side of our facility.

Here's room 106, a classroom on our souths side of the building.

Room 100 where our large group children's programs take place.

The kitchen.

The north side of the main entryway.

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Jen Essington said...

Wow! I realize there is still a ton left to do, but I am amazed at how much is taking place :) Exciting!