Friday, August 22, 2008

Facility Update August 22

Here’s my report from this morning's walk-through at 15 Foster Road. Drywall is continuing to go up throughout the facility and the furnaces are starting to be installed. Last week we had a mold test done by an engineering agency that ran analysis on many of the University facilities. Their reports showed the entire facility clean and dry with the exception of the brick pillars in the atrium. Since then the pillars have been completely removed and the church now has a totally clean bill of health!

There will be a need for skilled help in upcoming weeks with some general carpentry. I’ll be putting more information up on that later.

Below are some pictures from this morning!

These first two pics show the top soil and grading work that has been done on the west side of our facility.

In the north wing they are still insulating the ceiling area. This is actually an improvement because our previous set-up had bat insulation laying on top of the ceiling tile. This caused a lot of problems with freezing that we are hoping will be eliminated.

Here's the men's bathroom in the south wing.

Old furnace equipment and electrical panels are now out and new units are being installed.

This pictures shows 108, one of our adult classrooms on the west side of the north wing.

Here's one of the old electrical panels that was removed.

This is the atrium with brick columns removed and new ones being rebuilt.

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