Monday, April 16, 2007

Trivial Pics

For those of you who check this blog regularly, I do apologize for the recent lack of creativity, premeditation, and engagement in posts. It has been a particularly busy season at the church. On top of my ministry demands, my Perspectives class is now in its final weeks with a large project due and final exam just around the corner. I am looking forward to having time in a few weeks to actually read for fun and spend more time pondering and writing about issues more intentionally. In the mean time I thought I'd post a few pics that seemed somewhat humorous to me. The first on was on the girltalk blog recently under the caption:

"What to wear when your wife pulls out the "honey-do" list." Look closely. This is more than just a couch.

This next pic may only appear funny to me and my wife (you had to be there). We opened the grill a few days ago with the hopes of grilling some juicy chops only to find a large nest in the grill. I cleaned out the nest and postponed the grilling due to a broken part I discovered in the process of cleaning. Yesterday I opened the grill again to find that the birds had, over the course of a few days, built another large nest. I decided the best deterrent would be to leave the grill open for a few days. Immediately after returning to the kitchen ma and pa bird returned to the grill with a great deal of confusion as they discovered their nest now exposed to broad daylight. You can see them in this picture at opposite ends of the grill with dad looking up at the missing roof and mom peering through the nest at her husband with a "what the heck?" expression. For some reason Carrie and I had a good laugh over this one. What can I say, I guess we were hard up for some levity...


Rachel B said...

Hey Scott!! Rachel (of Rachel and Kedron) here. Long time, no talk, but I couldn't resist commenting on the bird nest picture. If you want a remedy for this, buy some cheap plastic toy snakes and put them in the grill (or anywhere you don't want a bird nest). They will scare the birds away. Just a little trick from my grandma.

Hope you are doing well!!

Scott Sterner said...

Rachel! It is so good to hear from you! I hope you and Kedron are doing well!

Thanks for the great advice. My boys have like a thousand toy snakes, so finding one won't be a problem. I can't wait to try it out!

Hey, look us up next time you're in town!

ratherbflyin said...

I say close the lid, get a long match, turn on the gas, and continue the barbeque as planned. However, instead of chops..... Yum Yum, tastes like chicken!