Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Resurrection Is Restoration Not Innovation

If we understand the incarnation to mean that Jesus was God in humbled action, then the exaltation of the resurrection is not some new thing that was conferred upon Jesus to vindicate him after his crucifixion, or to reward him for his obedience. The resurrection is restoration, not innovation: No glory could be given to Jesus after the incarnation that did not first belong to Christ, the Eternal Word, before the incarnation. The resurrection is not something newly added to Jesus but something newly made evident to us.

Laurence Stookey, Calendar: Christ's Time for the Church, 37

(HT: Ron Man Worship Notes)


First Theology said...
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First Theology said...

Interesting quote... maybe a question germane to my recent series... If this only showed/manifest/revealed Jesus more truly, then might the future of this world as creation regained also show God's design intentions and good-yet-estranged creation more truly? Methinks all of our theology must be seen thru the lens of Creation/Fall/Redemption/Recreation centering on who Christ was/is and what he accomplished.