Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Services

Thanks to everyone who helped make this year’s Easter 07 services such a wonderful success! I received many comments from those attending the service who were moved and encouraged by your offerings of worship. After weekends like this I always praise the Lord for the immense privilege I have to work with such amazing and talented people. Thanks for making your lives available to serve the Lord in this way. I know many seeds were planted in the lives of those in attendance.

Below are a number of the pictures taken by photographer, Lloyd Bender. Thanks Lloyd! He took over 100 pictures during our technical rehearsal on Saturday. You can view all of them at this website and actually order prints from there directly.


Anonymous said...

Easter was so awesome! Thanks for the website to the pictures...they are great!

I had to come on here and tell dad sat in on our rehearsal on Saturday night (he couldn't make it to a service) and he was just blown away. I'm not sure he's ever been to a church that had contemporary type music and he loved it. He commented that there must be a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes to make such great music happen.

My dad (who is not a Christian) said that the music sent "chills throughout his body"...which I smiled and replied " Dad, that is what we'd call The Holy Spirit!"

Have a great week!

-Jen Essington

Adam said...

Sure is great to see so many people involved! Great to hear your Easter holiday came together well!

Scott Sterner said...

Jen, that is so encouraging to hear how your dad was moved by the music. I hope God will use the experience to lead your dad closer to Him.