Tuesday, April 03, 2007

ESV Web Resources

The ESV is a recently released translation of the bible that has become the primary text used in services at Parkview. A few days ago I took some time to look over the English Standard Version’s website and found some great resources I thought I’d pass on.
  • First of all, if you are a Firefox user (you really should try it if you haven’t already) then you can get a toolbar add-on here that allows you to search the ESV right from your browser. You can also keyword or passage search the version here or go to the popular site biblegateway.com and simply select ESV as your translation.
  • The ESV site has numerous bible reading plans where you can either check into the website every day, have the passages emailed to you, or have them sent to your aggregate reader (if you are using one… i.e. Googlereader). I have started doing my Bible reading for my quiet time this way. We’ll see how it works out. So far, I am really enjoying it. (FYI: If you want to click on the “listen” link above each passage, you can actually hear the passage spoken out loud).
  • There is a daily devotional and memory verse system that can be sent out to you or accessed via their site.
  • Finally, there are a lot of ways the ESV site can serve you. Just go and check it out here!
One of the things I really appreciate about the ESV leadership is their desire to get the Word out and in the hands of people. I am thankful for the tremendous resource this is for Christ followers around the globe.

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