Saturday, November 25, 2006

Prayer for Adoption

Tonight my wife and I prayed the following prayers to God...
  1. We want to give our lives to be whatever you want, be it big or small
  2. If you would like us to adopt an orphan either from the United States or from around the world, we are willing
  3. If this is something you would call us to do, we trust that you would provide the resources necessary to make this happen
Now, we do have five children and yes, we have a whole host of circumstantial reasons that it would be VERY (I repeat VERY) impractical to consider adopting. What it comes down to is this. When I was a young Christian in High School I told the Lord that I would never settle for status quo and that I wanted my life to always be an adventure for Him.

In this vein, tonight Carrie and I discussed adoption (in light of it being National Adoption Month). In our discussion it became very clear that Romans 12:1 does not give us the option of making any easy choices. The choice cannot be between easy and harder. The only question we can ask is “what harder?” In other words, our lives are to be living sacrifices and sacrifice requires the faith to take a risk. In life this may take shape in the commitment to seminary training, the adoption of a needy child, the sacrificial giving of our resources, the serving as missionaries to an un-reached people group, or all of the above. Too many people, by waiting for the right time or right circumstance, end up doing nothing. “Nothing” is not an option for the follower of Jesus… the only question we should ask is how and when? Of course, I am referring to a life of sacrifice and not only the question of whether or not one should adopt.

To be quite honest, my wife and I are not presently feeling lead to adopt; however, we are ready and willing. There are thousands upon thousands of children around the world who will grow up raised in orphanages, never knowing what it means to be kissed, loved, nurtured, and protected by loving parents. I only ask that you join us in praying with open hearts and open hands that we would all be available to God’s calling. For more information and testimonies about adoption and National Adoption Month, click here.


ange said...

I know I'm a stranger but this subject is really close to my heart so I thought I'd comment. Thanks so much for sharing what it looks like to have a willing heart for the Lord. It's so humbling to think of the areas of my life and heart I've closed off to Him just because it didn't feel right. I'd encourage you and your family to research and pray about ways that you can love and influence orphans around the world even if bringing one into your home isn't the answer. If adding another child into your family isn't practical, maybe try making a connection with an organization (look up Livada Orphan Care in Romania!) that can help you bless many orphans. Maybe your kids can be pen pals, maybe you and your wife can have a long distance email relationship with a teen who is about to go into life on his own after growing up alone. Maybe the kids just need some hand-me-down pajamas leftover from your youngest child. Oh and you can definitely go and love on some kids in the summer. God could definitely have adventure in store for you by thinking outside of the box and not giving up on this issue. You could have some serious long term impact on some kids who need it most!
Good Luck in your adventure!
Angie Swope

scooterpastor said...

Angie- Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. I shared them with my wife and we thought they were great. It is a great reminder to know that even if you can’t adopt there are things you can do to help provide relief for the suffering children around the world.

Just a few years ago, following the collapse of communism in Romania, my wife visited a Romanian orphanage while on a short-term mission trip. Though they attempted to keep the Americans from seeing certain rooms, some of them saw young children tied in cribs and laying almost lifeless staring at the ceiling. These children were almost never touched and likely sat in soiled diapers for hours on end. Yes, this may be a dramatic illustration of the problem, but it emphasizes that the need is great. Every one of those children deserved so much more! What an amazing opportunity we have to keep so many children from a similar fate by opening our hearts and homes to adoption.

Anonymous said...

Bless your heart. :)

elizabeth said...

I'm also a lurker, but I had to comment on this one... :)

Ya know, some people might think that already having five children is a reason NOT to adopt, but when I read your post, the first thing I thought of was... WOW! What orphan child would not be SO HAPPY to get not only a Mom and Dad, but also five siblings?! I think having five children already is a wonderful reason TO adopt!!!

I mean, can you even imagine? A whole family adopting a child!, not just two parents.

Sure, there may be problems and noise, but there would be much, much joy and love and fun, too!