Monday, November 06, 2006

Challies Reflects on Haggard

This is a truly amazing article by Tim Challies in reflection of the Tim Haggard situation. I hesitated putting up any more posts on this issue, but I was so moved by Challies thoughts that I felt it was worth sharing. Below is a snip from the article. You can read the rest here.
If we look to Ted Haggard as a representative of all that is wrong in Evangelicalism, I think we miss the most important lesson. The lesson we need to learn is that we are every bit as sinful and fallible and willful and depraved as Haggard; perhaps more so. It is only the grace of God that, like a spider being held over the flame by a nearly-invisible web, prevents me from giving in to all the sin that is in me and being dragged down by it. Oh, that He would continue to extend this grace! And oh, that I would take heed lest I, too, fall, for what is in Haggard is in me.

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