Thursday, November 30, 2006

ESV Search Bar and More

With the blog overhaul I performed last week, I added several new features to my blog that I thought I would highlight for you all.
  1. On the right column there are two search boxes, one is powered by Google and the other by Technorati. Both of them can be used to search on topics from posts within my blog. In the Google box you can also select “the web” to launch a full Google web search.
  2. On the right below the “Parkview Links” (which feature Parkview related links including John Carlson’s site) you can find numerous “Bible Study / Resources.” These links include several Bible study sites where you can access different translations, do word searches, etc… At Monergism and Desiring God you can access numerous sermons and articles on various topics from the reformed perspective. Finally, there is an ESV search box where you can type in either a scripture reference or perform a word search that will launch you to the findings within the ESV Bible. For those of you who attend Parkview, this is the version Pastor Jeff most commonly sites in his messages.
  3. Toward the bottom of the right menu bar, I’ve linked to what I have titled Ministry Related Blogs. These are some of the blogs that I frequent. They are quite diverse in content and perspective. Seth Goddin’s blog is actually more of a business/marketing blog, but does offer some insights that are helpful for ministry.
  4. Finally on the lower part of my left menu bar there is a book currently reading section that links you right to the book for sale on Amazon.
I hope this has made the blog more effective, easier to navigate, and a better resource for helpful information. Please feel free to comment or email if you have additional ideas for how this blog can be improved to become a better resource for communication and for the building of the kingdom!

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