Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Mom Reads My Blog

(HT: Vitamin Z)


First Theology said...

That's greatness! I'm a bit jealous of that guy... if only I could get my mom to read my blog (her neighbor would be just gravy).

Anonymous said...

Those Sonic commercials are my favorite!

~Jen Essington

jim c said...

I think y'all missed the point... Scott's mom reads his blog!!!

Word up to Scott's mom!

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott's mom!

~Jen Essington

scooterpastor said...

To be honest, my mom doesn't read my blog daily, but does check in on occasion. I'll make sure she hits this post since you are all so kind as to greet her. I may need to explain "word up" however.

John Carlson said...

Weird . . . Firefox would not display or load the video - the whole blog post was just "blank" white. Safari would however. Anyone else with FireFox have that problem?

We're we supposed to get a Sonic in Iowa City I thought I heard long ago?

- John

jim c said...

We've got one in Cedar Rapids (opening SOON - already built).

Guess you guys will have to come up HERE for lunch!