Saturday, July 08, 2006

What is ServFest?

Last week I posted a question on David Wilcox’s blog after he posted some amazing numbers for volunteers who recently got involved in his ministry. Yesterday he posted his church’s volunteer recruitment strategy, which is similar to ours, but takes it up a notch in several ways. Below is the latter half of his post. Click here for the entire post.

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On June 9th, our senior pastor, Joshua Harris, gave a message on serving. He ended about fifteen minutes early, so that anyone who wasn't serving could attend ServFest. Each major group of ministry teams gave a five-minute presentation in one of three tents set up on our back lawn. Large signs led people to the teams they were most interested in.

I did a short ditty on the Technology Ministries. That isn't even an official group, but it made sense to include the sound, lighting, video, duplication, and IT teams together in that group. Other groups were Outreach, Communications, Children's Ministry, Creative, etc. I think we managed to categorize all the ministry teams into 9 different groups for presentations

Each person got a card, and he was able to indicate on that card what ministry team group interested him most. Then he wrote down the specific ministry team on a line below that group. I guessed that I had 300 people listen to the presentation on Technology Ministries. From that, I had 80 people check off the card that they were interested.

From here, it's my responsibility to follow up. For those 80 people, we'll have a series of meetings on a Saturday in August, introducing them more fully to each of the different teams. For someone who comes in through Starting Point or the Kiosk, I'll often meet with them one on one or in small groups. At that point, they make a decision to sign up or not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Scott,
Who would be the best person for my husband to talk to regarding volunteering in the tech area? Can you give me a name and email or phone number? Thanks!

-Jenny Essington

scooterpastor said...


Contact Phil at "". It would be great getting him involved!