Thursday, July 13, 2006

The Movie Luther

Tonight I watched the movie Luther, which was released in September of 2003. Over a year ago a good friend recommended it to me and I really enjoyed the movie. Though I have not seen a scholarly review regarding historical accuracy it received a favorably review here on It helped me knit together some of the historical events and better understand the gravity of corruption in the Catholic church that spurned the reformation. I recommend it to you as an inspirational story of faith worth watching.


First Theology said...

Good flick. Pretty historically accurate from what I've learned about Luther - altho a few events seem a bit dramatized (but it was a movie after all). The one thing that struck me was the low-fidelity/poor mixing of the sound throughout the movie - at least at the theater. This is rarely something I'd notice so it seemed exceptionally bad. I thought the dialogue was almost impossible to hear at times and it seemed to be the movie's audio track itself - not the audio equipment... I do own it on DVD and haven't watched it yet there - maybe it would be better at home. Was this just me?

scooterpastor said...

Josh. Carrie and I watched it on our computer in the kitchen while we worked last night. The sound wasn't an issue in that setting, but the EQ on the computer speakers may have been better set for the verbal range.

By the way... congrats on your new baby girl Rebekah!!!!

Paul Gregg said...

We also own this movie. My first impression was that while it was a good film on the reformation in Germany (and Luther's involvement) I would actually be interested in a more substantial representation of the events of the reformation throughout Europe. I found that many persons impportant to the movement were either 'glossed over' or merely mentioned. There was serious upheaval going on in many european countries, and the extensions of Calvin's influence in France would also be an excellent storyline... perhaps if the History Channel had a week-long series of specials? Has anyone heard of such a series? I would be mucho-interessando!!

scooterpastor said...

Paul, I agree. I was thinking to myself, when will the movie "Calvin" come out?

It may be junk, but my next movie coming from netflix is the movie about the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Anyone seen that?