Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Piper on Family Life Today

While running a quick errand today I noticed that John Piper is on today and tomorrow's "Family Life Today" radio broadcast. They are using the interview to promote his book "Don't Waste Your Life." Since I just reviewed that book a few days ago, I thought I would pass on the link. On the "Family Life Today" website I believe you can listen to the current days broadcast for free. You can also order the book from their site.

Right before I published this, I noticed that "Family Life Today" mentioned on their website that due to such interest in the book it is already on backorder. You can also get it here at Amazon. I told you it was a good book!!!


ratherbflyin said...

I am reading through this great book now. Last night, I was impacted by Piper's point about how everything that we have or do and boast needs to be directed back to the crucifiction of Christ. Without that one single event, we have absolutely no hope at all at having any relationship with God.

We christians always say this, but do we really dwell on it? I appreciate that Piper brings out that above all God is holy, that we are fallen, and that we are truely condemned without the crucifiction.

Even the boasting of the worldly things in life, the car getting fixed, a safe trip, being able to make a mortgage payment, Piper makes the point that our boasting/praise needs to be rooted in the crucified Christ.

I am humbled by the point that I don't boast for the right reaason. Because of this, I haven't been able to get Piper's point out of my mind.

scooterpastor said...

That is so cool. It is my understanding that todays airing of Family Life Today will be zeroing in on this very point. Boasting in the cross of Christ. This was a biggie for me too.