Friday, July 07, 2006

Boer Prayer Update

I have had numerous people ask about how Rob Boer is doing with his recorvery from brain surgery. I just recieved this update today. Looks like good news and answered prayer!

- - - -

Dear Loved Ones,

The following is a note from Rob regarding the last MRI. We are doing well. He and I both struggle with being tired and sleeping well (mine from a combo of fibromyalgia and Emily waking at night; his from drug interactions). But we are grateful for all that the Lord is providing. Emily is happy overall in spite of toddler frustrations when she doesn't get her way. :) She has been having some bad dreams and is scared of thunder and firework noises at night. But her joy of discovery is a blessing to behold. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support.

Keri Boer

- - - -

Friends, I finally received a phone message from Duke, who had received the MRI film and CD-ROM from Asheville, after my scan last Wednesday. They report that the tumor has not changed or grown, praise God; it is stable and fine and there is nothing new. That is a good start; my next MRI is in 2 months at Duke, and hopefully it will continue to not grow.

Thank you for your continued prayers. I continue to serve God with my face down in prayer before Him, and my life even with this threat to it belongs to Him completely, and being Christ centered, student focused and service driven at the college is so much more exciting and focused this way!

Have a blessed week, all.

Dr. Robert Boer
Director of Music Programs
Montreat College

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