Monday, May 04, 2009

Twittering In Church

OK, some of you don't have a clue what Twittering is, but some churches are encouraging people to tweet during the service as a way to ask questions and discuss the sermon while it is being delivered. At Parkview we're discussing how it is Twitter can be a good source for event communication. Here's yesterday's feature article from Time magazine regarding this new trend in churches.


emily said...

The majority of our pastors at Austin Stone have Twitter, along with the staff and congregation's spreading and going crazy! Yesterday there was a devastating fire that took place in the poorest part of Austin and the area of the city that our church is reaching out to and will be the home of our future building, news spread like crazy on Twitter and got the word out about the need for help. Our head pastor, Matt, was updating it frequently with updates and encouraging us to get off our butts and do something! Our bass player posted about it all on his blog check it out...

Andrew and Makenna said...

I love the idea of how Parkview Church could integrate effective targeted social networking tools, granted that it doesn't interfere with people meeting up and actually speaking with each other.

As far as tweeting during the sermon, I don't think so. I'm all for taking notes and discussing it later with groups. Is that nanotechnology paint ready yet to block cell phone use in certain rooms? (Seems at times with the cell reception at PV that it's already in place :)

Good post, and something to think about. Love to see more integration with networking tools at PV and would be willing to help with this.


julieH said...

I don't know about twittering, but I do like how Mars Hill has people text in questions which are actually answered at the end of the sermon, letting people actually interact with teaching.

It'd be interesting to figure out a way to use twittering in regards to 1 Cor 14:26... praise or scripture tweets in a time of reflection, or testimonies - what has God done in your life this week, or prayer needs of those who are actually in the room during prayer time, screened somehow by an appropriate person?