Friday, May 01, 2009

Churches and Pig Flu

Some churches like Mars Hill are suggesting that all churches take extreme measures in assuring their people that they can come and worship with no fear of the flu. If you ask me, they seem to be getting a bit carried away. Read about it here.


Adam said...

I like bacon, too, kiddo...but I take it oink-free. (Ironically, the word verification to publish this comment is "hamma".)

julieH said...

Some of those guidelines are over the top.

The biggest issue is really with the babies and toddlers who put toys in their mouths and/or don't know to cover their mouths if they sneeze or cough. We've added some things at work, but masks? Not greeting people? Removing all of the toys? (Cloth toys which absorb drool, ok, but everything?)

Anonymous said...