Thursday, May 21, 2009

By My Side

A few months ago my oldest, Hannah, sang 4 songs for me that she had written with the hopes that one of them would be a candidate for this year's middle school pops concert. We selected "By My Side" and she ended up singing it for tonight's concert. Way to go Hannah! Thanks to John Carlson for playing percussion (that's me on guitar) and thanks to God for giving her such a neat opportunity to sing this message to her class. The lyrics are below...

When life is hard and you don’t know what to do
Seems like everything is crashing in on your life
You feel like there’s nothing left to do, and you think you can’t push through
And you feel like there’s no comfort for you.

Well I know a solution to help you through this life
To guide you through tonight and every time
He will change your life, when He’s by your side.
And I guarantee you’ll like it, yeah you’ll like Him
By your side.

When your life is going great and it seems just like a dream
You’ve got lots of friends and things are perfect, so they seem
But you still feel lost, it’s something you can’t ignore
Inside you feel so empty, your looking for more - - - -


He’ll help you through and guide you, in the right direction
Never leave you on your own, you can trust him now.
He’ll always be there for you.


Yes, the God, my Lord will help you through this life.


Jenna said...

she's great!!! what a sweet song.

Jim Coates said...

Way to go Hannah!!

What a cool band, too... the guitarist even holds his guitar all switched around. He MUST be a rock star!!

Kristen said...

What a great song. That's so wonderful that she got to sing it for her school program. Such a beautiful and talented daughter you have!

Anonymous said...

Grandma Joy, Aunt Kristi, and Rachel look forward to recieving your first CD. You rock!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sweet song Hannah. You're a rock star. You look like Hannah Montana.

from your cousin Matthias

Anonymous said...

Great job Hannah. It takes a ton of courage to sing in front of you school and you did it! I'm proud of you. Thanks for encouraging the Heefners with your song! Keep writing and singing more! - Nile

Makenna said...

Awesome song Hannah! You have a beautiful voice and a talent for sharing your faith in a really cool way!
I want to hear the other 3 songs!!
Way to go!!

Anonymous said...