Friday, May 08, 2009

Biblical Leadership and Submission in Marriage

In Each for the Other, Brian Chapel develops one of the best expositions I've ever read on Ephesians 5 regarding Biblical leadership and submission in marriage. Here are two excerpts from the book, one regarding the husband and one the wife. I know most of you won't take the time to read or contemplate these quotes, but please know I truly believe that "getting" the meaning behind these quotes is one of the foundational keys to a strong marriage.

Regarding the husband....
A husband should submit his own life to God before he requires submission from anyone else. The true head of a home bows before God, asking to be the man God desires, interceding for the welfare of the family, and petitioning for love, wisdom, and strength that will make God's grace evident in the home. Only when a man humbles himself in these ways can he give a proper account of his headship to God. (p 40)
Regarding the wife....
The wife fulfills a redemptive purpose in the home, enabling each person more fully to know and be what the Savior desires. She does this by submitting herself in love to the good of another, and in doing so she reflects Christ's sacrifice. As his image bearer she becomes his chief representative to her spouse. Like her husband, the wife lives for another and thus represents Christ in and for the home. (p 102)

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