Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Young Boomers Watch More Television

Challies recently reported on a new study by Ball State University.
According to a new "Video Consumer Mapping" study, Americans aged 65 and older spend an average of 420 minutes per day in front of a television screen. 420 minutes per day. Let that sink in for just a moment. That is seven hours; seven full hours. Every day. On average. That means that half of the days it would be more than seven hours. Is that three hours in the morning, perhaps 8 until 11 and then four more in the evening, maybe 7 until 11 PM? How is it even possible? It is unbelievable. And it does not even include time spent watching DVDs or Tivo.

But perhaps it should not be that surprising considering that the average American of any age spends just over five hours per day watching TV. Older Americans, those who have retired, simply add a couple of extra hours onto the television they have already been consuming. America is obsessed.

There's no question this growing trend will continue to shift the landscape of our culture. I'm not sure what the future fall-out will be, but it surely won't be good.

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