Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Will the Church Be the Church for Homosexual Christians?

In my college days, and years of ministry since, I have had numerous friendships with homosexual men who were working desperately to reconcile their feelings with their faith. It is a difficult place to be. The church is generally uncomfortable welcoming and loving people with same-sex desires and the homosexual finds himself wrestling in the private hell of wanting close companionship, yet being unable to enjoy a relationship that is incongruous with their Biblical convictions.

This article by Wesley Hill really captures the struggle of what it's like being the person who wrestles to find hope in the midst of homosexuality. What I appreciate most about this article is the indirect appeal Wesley makes for a the church to be a caring community for people wrestling with these issues. I appreciate Wesley's heartfelt thoughts and look forward to his book, which should be coming out soon on the topic of Christianity and homosexuality.

Here's the article.

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Maria B. said...


Your post reminds me of the sermon Ryan and I listened to during our first visit to our church. Our pastor directly addressed your very concerns. If you're interested, the transcript is here:


Or the audio version is here ('Matter of Opinion' series, 10/21/2007-11/25/2007):


Scott Sterner said...


I just looked through that sermon. Pastor Todd does a great job dealing with the issue Biblically and sensitively. Thanks for the link!


Maria B. said...

You're welcome! He indeed did an excellent job that evening. After that one sermon, we knew were in a great church.