Thursday, March 12, 2009

Love Your Wife Above All Others

In the closing chapter of Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God, C.J. Mehaney reminds husbands that nothing, aside from their love for God, should contest their love and affection for their wife. Not the children, sports, careers, etc. Because our marriage covenant is a reflection of God's covenant with the church, I wholeheartedly agree that guarding our heart for our God and our spouse is fundamental in our life having purpose and integrity for the glory of God. Here's a quote C.J. shares from the puritan John Wing:
A husbands love for his wife, "must be the most dear, intimate, precious and entire that the heart can have toward a creature; none but the love of God.... is above it, none but the love of ourselves is to follow it, all the love of others is inferior to it."

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