Sunday, March 29, 2009

John Calvin on Worship

Challies recently sited this post from Larry Sibley regarding John Calvin's top ten worship planning ideas. It is very interesting seeing this summary of what the great reformer Calvin felt was important for the church to observe in the public gathering. Here is the complete post. Below is a snippit...

People often come to me and ask, “How can we improve or renew our worship?” My response is that we should restore the central things and practice them robustly, using contemporary forms rooted in the practices of sixteenth century pastor and liturgical reformer, John Calvin. Even though Calvin is most widely known as a systematizer (for his Institutes of the Christian Religion, 1536-1559) and exegete (he wrote commentaries on almost all the books of the Bible), his leadership in liturgical renewal should not be ignored in the twenty-first century.

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