Saturday, February 03, 2007

NFL Bans Super Bowl Parties

This is the new buzz of the blogosphere. Pretty crazy. Come on NFL... you gonna start suing churches??? From "Church Marketing Sucks" below...

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Tomorrow is the Super Bowl, in case you didn't know (I had to look it to be sure, so don't feel bad), and amid all the stories about commercials and the halftime show and, oh yeah, the game itself, is a little story about the National Football League shutting down local church Super Bowl parties (best headline? "Wrath of NFL Smites Parties at Churches").

It seems churches are running afoul of the NFL's broadcast copyrights, including the following limitations:

  • No unauthorized use of the copyrighted terms (i.e., "Super Bowl") in promotions.
  • No charging admission to watch the Super Bowl™.
  • No public showings of the big game on TVs larger than 55 inches.

An exception is made for sports bars and other places that regularly show sporting events.

So what's a church to do?

(HT: Vitamin Z, Church Marketing Sucks)

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John Carlson said...

It does seem kind of extreme for the NFL to do that and a double standard to let sports bars, etc. show it. However, it shouldn't come as any big surprise to churches as on every game broadcast, there is the statement that's always read about "no unauthorized public viewing or showing without the express permisison of the NFL" etc. So Churches should already know that it's against the copyright/whatever laws and that they need to get permission for that sort of thing.

But ya - pretty extreme to have it in the first place. I'm not sure what they have to loose but not allowing churches or other orgs to show it. Other than they can't track Nielsen's as well, which they brought up.