Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Monergism Upgrade

John Hendryx the webmaster for the Monergism website recently collaborated with Tim Challies to upgrade the sites structure and look. Here are some comments from Tim on the new site:
The main feature of the redesigned site is a completely new directory system (click the Directory button). It allows visitors to search and sort the links and even to rate them. Information is categorized much better and much more logically than in the past, meaning that it is far easier to find great resources through it. There are also now RSS feeds, email updates, better integration with the Monergismbooks bookstore and so on. The benefits go on and on. And what's more, the new design isn't too hard on the eyes.
If you don’t know what this site is all about, you really should check it out. The Monergism site is a tremendous resource for finding articles that give theological perspectives on scores of topics. It’s a great study resource! You can check it out here.

(HT: Challies)

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