Monday, December 11, 2006

Video Contest Results

On December 3rd I had a little contest based on our Christmas promo video (below). Fortunately for JimC, no one else took the time to answer the questions. As a result Jim is now enjoying a $10 gift certificate to

Below is the correct answer to the questions....
  • What brand of amplifier is Phil carrying? Carvin
  • What kind of brush is in Ann's hand? Toilet Brush
  • How many pieces of paper does John toss on the floor? I looked at the hi-rez video and honestly couldn't tell. I am pretty sure 13 (At one point he threw two down at one time).
  • What is the blue stuff in Kristen's hand? I believe painters tape
  • What key is Greg playing tuba in? Bb
If you want to see the video again, you can see it below!

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