Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Readerware and a USB Barcode Scanner

Do you own a lot of books, CD’s or movies? Have you ever wanted an innovative way of cataloging, organizing, and tracking them (especially when you lend them out)? All you need is a copy of Readerware (you can get different versions for different applications) and a barcode scanner (found anywhere from $12-80 on ebay).

Josh Malone, Pastor of Young Adults let me in on this sweet system a few weeks ago. I got my barcode scanner yesterday and started scanning in books right away. Once you scan in the books ISBN number the software does a search on the web and automatically inserts a visual image of the book cover, title, author, publisher, estimated value, description, rating, etc… It’s amazing.

This is a great tool for people with a big personal library and students who want to be able to quickly pull information on a book for a bibliography page. You can checkout the Readerware here. Thanks for the hot tip Josh!

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First Theology said...

Scooter- Bit jealous b/c my scanner is not in yet. The system is sweet though - and practical. You can use it to:

1. Lend books (keeps track of info)
2. Label books (you can print labels if you want to categorize them)
3. Use bibliographic info for inserting into documents (like papers for school - it can dump it's info to EndNote)

Scott, just don't tell Carrie who is tempting you to keep spending money.