Saturday, June 24, 2006

Iowa City Ranks Well

In the midst of some browsing today, I ran across some rankings about Iowa City in recent publications. It confirms that Iowa City is a great place to live and a strategic place for ministry.

Here are some recent rankings...
  • Out of the 40 best college towns Iowa City ranked as No. 10 making it one of the coolest places to work, play, study, party, and live in North America!
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance ranked Iowa City as No. 10 out of 50 of the “smartest places to live.”
  • Forbes ranked Iowa City No. 13 in the “Best Small Places to do Business” publication
  • Men’s Journal ranked Iowa City No. 6 among the healthiest, safest and sexiest places to live in America.
  • CNN Money Magazine listed Iowa City as one of the top five places to retire.
  • Expansion Management Magazine ranked Iowa Cities Public Schools No. 4 out of 334 (2004)
  • Forbes ranked Iowa City the No. 3 best “Small Metro Area” in 2004

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