Sunday, June 11, 2006

Batwoman is a Lesbian

The DC comics crew is resurrecting Batwoman as a lesbian. In my opinion their new strategy is not to make the comics more PC, but to stir up the sexual excitement in young hormone driven boys. All you need to do is watch the sitcom "Friends" and quite regularly you'll see the character Joey's eyes light up at the thought of two women being together. It's something that curious comic readers (and men in general) will find alluring and addictive.

Of course, the comic writers are promoting Batwoman's coming out as an opportunity to represent diversity in their comics. As a parent of five children, I am frustrated that I can't even allow my child to buy a comic book without fearing that he may see two women kissing or read about hints of homosexual sex. Here's the full story.

(HT: Meditations of Gill)


James said...

So, did you put up my blog entry to post the opposition? ;-)

scooterpastor said...

Of course I am simply sighting the source. My real question is…. are you the opposition? ;-)

Boy you're going to get flooded with hate mail now.

Dan said...

I heard about this on NPR the other day. They guy I was listening to thought that if they really wanted to promote diversity they would have made batwoman ugly or overweight.

Tom said...

Perhaps it's good for young children to see lesbian and gay men represented in media. Maybe they will grow up not to fear them and teach them with the respect, dignity, and equal rights they deserve! ;-)