Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Iowa is Not in the Bible Belt

This recent gallup pole asked people across the nation the question, "Is religion an important part of your daily life?" The results can be read at this link and can be seen in the map below. I've never considered Iowa part of the Bible belt and think a regional pole in our county would probably put us closer to the "least religious" category.

Albert Mohler offered his interpretation of the data below.

The radical difference between the 85% marked by Mississippi and the 42% of Vermont point to real and challenging distinctions in how we should conceive our Great Commission challenge in those states. In Mississippi, the challenge is to reach persons who think they are Christians with the reality of the genuine Gospel. In Vermont, reaching a secular population is the main challenge. Both represent important and vital Great Commission challenges.


Anonymous said...

gallup poll

Scott Sterner said...

Thanks for the catch.

elias john said...

Yeah, I lived in the "Bible Belt" for a year...Iowa is definitely not part of that segment of the country...not by a long shot.