Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Adolescents in Music Do Better

I saw an interesting little tidbit on the church relevance blog regarding the advantages of keeping our kids in music. I remember in a philosophy class in college discussing how Socrates emphasized the importance of mathematics and music in the development of children. Here is an article about recent findings that seems to agree.
A new study in the journal Social Science Quarterly reveals that music participation, defined as music lessons taken in or out of school and parents attending concerts with their children, has a positive effect on reading and mathematic achievement in early childhood and adolescence.


Jessica Fashun said...

I couldn't agree more; nice to see this little 'tidbit' on your blog. Not only does the study of music elevate a child's success rate in other areas of their lives, academic and otherwise, but because it asks us to express ourselves, it gets into our emotional and spiritual realms as well. Kids need a positive place to express who they are, music is certainly one of the pathways. Music in the schools allows kids to feel like they're part of something-they're creating something that is worthwhile. I used to say to my music kids: "Remember THIS moment, because this song will never sound exactly like this again- with these voices and this energy. It is a gift each time we sing together because we are creating the sounds of this song in the moment. It will never be the same." It's powerful stuff... for so many reasons. Awwww, shucks, I still miss my choir kids. : - )

George Halitzka said...

But what about adolescents in DRAMA? Do they do better, too? [-;