Thursday, March 08, 2007

Volume in Worship Services

Zach Nielsen (our former Instrumental Music Director) weighs in on volume in worship here. It looks like Z is feeling the brunt of anonymous comment cards.


Vitamin Z said...



I have so much left to teach you...

1. I have plenty of me in the monitors (avioms, daddy likey)

2. You need to check yourself before you wreck yourself

3. I don't give a rip about comment cards that are negative, what I am really concerned with is what you think of me.

4. God hates rock and roll, it's the devils music.

blond violinist said...

At the risk of sounding horribly prosaic, I worry about the volume of music in worship services for my hearing's sake. I already have partial hearing loss in both ears, and I'm pretty sure that some of that loss dates back to some very loud youth conferences and concerts. I've spent some Sundays worshipping with fingers in my ears, which looks kind of funny, but is the best protection I could get at a moment's notice, not having my earplugs around. In most churches with loud music, though, I've found that if I pay attention to where the speakers are placed, I can find an area in the auditorium where the sound level isn't uncomfortable. (For me. Heaven knows what my grandparents would think.)

scooterpastor said...

Blond violinist (I think I know who you are...), do you need to plug your ears at Parkview or are you referring to other experiences?

I definitely think the we need to carefully walk the line between healthy listening levels and levels that are necessary for the genre. Of course, the contention being that many disagree with where this line should be.