Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bob Kauflin on Media, Music, and Bible

I link to Bob Kauflin somewhat regularly on this blog. Bob maintains the leading blog on worship issues in the blogosphere. Bob was recently interviewed on the New Attitude blog about media, music, and the Bible. You can go to the interview to see all the questions and Bob's answers. Here was one of the better snips...

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Na: Is music inherently good or bad? How does God's word see music?

Bob: Music is a language of emotion expressed in a cultural context. Because we always connect music to something it’s difficult to talk about the total neutrality of music. I think of it as morally relative. Relative to the person listening, the person making it, the culture that surrounds them, and what we associate it with. Music can be good or bad depending on why we listen to it, what we do when we listen to it, what is leads us to do, etc.

The Bible tells us that music is a gift from God given to us for our pleasure and his glory. The two shouldn’t be separated.

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(HT: Between Two Worlds)

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