Thursday, January 09, 2014

Ways to Distribute Authority

Team leadership from day one. This is one of my goals for church plants, even in the earliest development stages. This upholds both a Biblical model of leadership and is strategically smart for the church planter and pastor.

In this article we see how Mark Dever empowers team leadership by distributing authority to others. In the second part of the article Jonathan Leeman helps us to also see how Dever’s leadership creates a positive church culture. Below are a few highlights of the article. To read the whole article go here.

Ways to Distribute Authority

  • Build the church on the gospel. 
  • Establish a plurality of staff and non-staff elders. 
  • Limit the percentage of main-slot preaching. 
  • Give young teachers the chance to make mistakes.
  • Let others steal your ideas. 
  • Be willing to lose elder votes. 
  • Be devoted to one thing in the church and give freedom elsewhere.
  • Don't micromanage. 
  • Review weekly services. 
  • Be willing to receive criticism. 

How Giving Away Authority Shapes a Church Culture

  • It helps to keep the gospel uppermost. 
  • It promotes "real" relationships. 
  • It destroys natural social hierarchies.
  • It cultivates teachability and the willingness to receive criticism. 
  • It helps a church to be outward focused. 

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