Friday, April 25, 2008

Yesterday’s Hymns For Today’s Church

This weekend in services I will be highlighting some of the hymn resources available for those who would love to take advantage of the organizations and musical groups working hard to revive old hymn texts by setting them to music relevant to new generations. One of the exciting things about this movement is that it is spearheaded by younger generations longing for connection with a faith that is rich in doctrine and deep in heritage. Though this list of resources is far from exhaustive, the following links will provide some places you can go to tap into this network of music. If anyone has additional links to provide, please consider leaving your link as a comments.


Indelible Grace features numerous CD’s and music books. The Indelible Grace CD’s are compilation CD’s from numerous artists. You can also get CD’s here from artists such as Matthew Smith, Sandra McCracken, and Brian Moss. If you follow the links to the music store, you can actually preview the songs under each CD link.


Red Mountain Music is a ministry out of Red Mountain Church in Birmingham, Alabama. They presently have five CD’s available for purchase and their music is very similar in style to the Indelible Grace music. By clicking on albums you can go into each individual album and listen to audio samples.


Kingsway Music just came out with this new CD called “Love Divine” which is a remake of hymns by Charles Wesley. The new hymn we’re singing called at Parkview called “Jesus, The Name High Over All” came from this project. It is not available on Itunes, so you’re restricted to getting this one via snail mail. Just so you’re aware, outside of “Jesus, The Name High Over All” this CD has other good songs, but the arrangements are not as strong for congregational singing.


This disk has been around a while, but is part of the Passion organization, which is a movement intent upon glorifying God by uniting students in worship and prayer for spiritual awakening in this generation. The hymn CD can be found at SixStepsRecords or downloaded on Itunes. SixSteps features a lot of other great music for younger generations.


Soujurn Music is part of the ministry at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, Kenucky. According to Greg Mazunik, our 24-7 worship director, the “Before the Throne” CD is killer good.


Park Slope Church is a church in Brooklyn, NY that has put out this project called Kingsborough Hymns accompanied by those who regularly accompany their congregation in music.

I’ll add more links as I find or hear about them.

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