Saturday, April 12, 2008

Prosperity Gospel

My friend Chad just sent this to me. On this video you'll hear some strong language from John Piper in regard to the prosperity gospel. I know not everyone is a fan of John Piper, but the message of this video rightly resonates with disdain for those who are selling so many around the world this false gospel.

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tina marie said...

We live in a "bless me" world. We pray the prayer of Jabez, begging God to increase our territory when we haven't the desire to minister and bless within the territory he has already given us. We tread carelessly through the blood of Christ when we decide His death isn't enough, and then we call the world to follow our bloody footprints. A very humbling video, even if we do not follow the prosperity gospel. I think I might have to post this on my blog as well.