Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why the Bridge Collapsed?

Here's a video from Desiring God ministries with footage from the recent bridge collapse set to a message by Piper. Pretty moving and challenging.

(HT: Desiring God Blog)


Anonymous said...

I have a friend who would for sure comment back on that and say "what kind of god creates or allows terrible calamity to happen to good people - even Christians - so that his children will realize how horrible sin is and in return, love/praise God more? It's kind of like having one parent beat their children so that the child knows how loving the other parent is that does not beat them."

How do we answer this sort of response? When you take yourself out of the "Chrisitan mind set" and "Christian way of thinking" and just look at the whole matter from an outsiders view, you do see how warped it can appear. Just thinking like my friend would think here and playing a bit of devil's advocate as I struggle with how to respond to this manner of thinking sometimes.

Scott Sterner said...

John, I really like your question and have been wrestling with it. I am going to throw up a post today with some thoughts. It's definitely a tough one.