Friday, September 15, 2006

Rob Boer Update

I just received an update from Keri Boer regarding Rob’s (former staffer at Parkview) battle with cancer. I know many of you have been praying for them. It looks like we’ve got some good news. Read below:

- - - -

Dear Ones,

The Lord has chosen to answer our prayers as we hoped: Rob's tumor is shrinking! And the Lord is being glorified!

This past Tuesday we were at Duke again having a new MRI and medical appointments all day. The doctors compared the MRI in May to this one
and we got to see it. It is evident that the remaining tumor has
reduced. One dr. said this is unusual so maybe it was a difference in
"technique" but at least it wasn't growing. We know better; our God
doesn't have to do things in the "usual" way!

It was confirmed that Rob can't drive at least until February since he
had a mild seizure in Aug. There is a strong connection between his
fatigue and stress level and blood sugar level and seizure activity. So
he is continuing to try to balance his life, live in "healthy" ways, and
needs to start some easy water aerobics to build back his muscles and
endurance. His back injury from his initial seizures still bothers him.

He's been doing an exceptional job during this school year transition.
He is swamped with class prep and administrative duties. We haven't
seen him at home as much as we like, but we hope this will ease up as
the school year gets underway. Rob shared his testimony at the college
chapel this week. He focused on how the Lord has transformed his life
since this tumor. He is thankful for this tumor experience and would
not want it to be taken away because through it the Lord has shown him
how sufficient He is and how to really lay aside his own agenda and
perceived strength in favor of surrendering to all that the Lord wants
for him. We are grateful and humbled at how the Lord has used this time
in our lives to touch the lives of so many….

Rob's parents came yet again to visit us so they could take care of
Emily while we were gone at Duke. We have received so much support from our families and friends.
Thank you all!

Thank you for your continued care and prayers. This type of support is
powerful! Let us know how we can pray for you, as well.

In Him,
Keri Boer

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