Friday, September 08, 2006

Expressions of Instrumental Worship

I'm excited to announce that our Instrumental Music Director, saxophonist John Carlson, has released his own CD titled "Expressions Of Instrumental Worship." The CD is actually a compilation of two CDs John recorded while working for Willow Creek Community Church called "Preludes and Preludes II." The new CD features 15 of John's creative instrumental arrangements (and his playing) of popular classic worship songs such as Lord I Lift Your Name On High, I Love You Lord and Thy Word, among others, that were heard at Willow Creek for many years as Preludes and Offertories each week. Through the original CD sales and the many conferences Willow did on site and around the world, John's arrangements became very popular with churches all over. We even played the CDs here at Parkview for a long time as walk in music before John was even here. As well, the music charts for the arrangements have been used by churches world wide, and even recorded by the Salvation Army Jazz Band in Sidney Australia! We will be offering the CD for sale this weekend at Parkview in the lobby between services, as well as they can be purchased at the church office during the week. The CD will also be available at Lemstone Books in Coralville. For those of you not in town here, you can listen to samples of and buy the CD at this site. The CD is really fun, and great for personal worship times or casual listening. The styles range from upbeat and celebratory jazz fusion, big band, etc. to very beautiful, thoughtful and meditative acoustic tracks. The CD is also a great tool to share with your music loving friends and tell them about Parkview. Here's a link to an original song John wrote on the CD titled "There Must Be A Place Called Heaven." Thanks John for sharing your music with us!


First Theology said...

The CD is EXTREMELY well done. I've listened thru a few times and I'm impressed by the production quality and the creative arrangements. Great job John!

John Carlson said...

Thanks Josh - that means a lot! :-) Glad you enjoy it.

- JC

Jim C said...

I will second Josh's comments... very well done.

There's a ton of talent on the disc.

There is even a great song for the guitar enthusiasts out there - "Your Everlasting Love".

j lassen said...

i've been jamming to john's cd all week on my way to and from campus :) lovely!