Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Madison #1 for Men

The purpose of this blog is not to just post stats on our new home in Madison, but my friend Nile who lives in one of the worst cities for men (Saint Louis) just brought it to my attention that Madison just ranked as the #1 best city for men based on 30 measurable categories by Men's Health Magazine. Not sure I feel like any more of a man living here, but I certainly appreciate Madison as a great place to live and strategic place for a Gospel movement of churches, which of course, is the reason we are here.


1 Madison, Wis.
2 Fargo, N.D.
3 Plano, Texas
4 Burlington, VT
5 San Jose, Calif.
6 Lincoln, Neb.
7 Austin, Texas
8 Aurora, Colo.
9 Virginia Beach, Va.
10 Seattle


91 Toledo, Ohio
92 New Orleans
93 Charleston, WV
94 Baltimore
95 St. Petersburg, Fla.
96 Memphis, Tenn.
97 Detroit
98 Birmingham, Ala.
99 Philadelphia
100 St. Louis


John C said...

What were the measurable qualities? (OK, I seriously did NOT mean that to sound bad/joke but there's no way getting around it! *grin*)

Scott Sterner said...

Hey John. Very funny! I couldn't get access to the article because it's not available online, but another news source said this...

The magazine evaluated 100 U.S. cities for health, fitness and quality-of-life criteria in more than 30 categories, ranging from mortality rates to vegetable and fruit consumption, obesity and smoking rates.

John C said...

that rate is sure to lower with Sterner trips to the ER! *grin*

Scott Sterner said...

Hey, I think we've only been to the ER once since moving here. Not bad for a 6 month span.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for rubbing it in! BTW, you are "The Man!" - Nile

Scott Sterner said...

Nile, there is no shame in being called to reach the worst of men. :) Someone's got to do it.