Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Why Plant with the EFCA?

Several weeks ago I wrote a blog post on our Vine Church support site regarding why we are excited to have our church plant in Madison associated with the Evangelical Free Church of America. Yesterday that post was republished as the featured story on the Reach National website of the EFCA. You can read the post here.


Jason Kanz said...

I initially read this as "ELCA". I thought I might have to call and find out what was going on with you guys.

Still praying for you.

Scott Sterner said...

Though you need to call us up to visit some time, it won't be for that reason. :)

We appreciate the prayers Jason!

Jason Kanz said...

I'm coming to Mad-town on Friday night for Saturday morning meetings. I will be leaving mid-day on Saturday. It will be a short trip, unfortunately.