Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Back On the Job

After a week at seminary and week on vacation, I am now back and in the office. Please be patient as I take the week to catch up on email and my other regular duties at the church. I am looking forward to a busy summer as we program for the Fall, reorganize the vocal ministry (thanks to a vocal reorg team), develop a job description for a Pastor of Worship and Music (search starting soon), recruit architects, develop a master plan for a new church facility, and...... (the list goes on and on).... busy summer to say the least. I now leave you with a few of the fun pictures from our vacation. For those Parkies out there, see you Sunday if not sooner!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Scott:
I read through Carrie's blog and saw the pictures of your vacation. Can you let me know how the meeting turned out regarding you and Zach Nielsen planting a church in Wisconsin?
I am doing great! I feel real good and am getting my energy and spunk back. I will be vulnerable for infection until January 2010 so am not miggling much with crowds. My knee feels pretty good but did loose some strength, which more than likely will not come back. In regards to my back, it is healing but will take at least another year for complete bone growth where the disc was located.
Is there still a chance you will get out to California in the very near future?
I would like to come to Iowa but won't this year. Not until the risk of infection is past. I will keep in touch via e-mail untl then and also via telephone. I called twice and left a message on your home phone while you were on vacation. I hope you are all rested. Take care my friend.
The Escondido Lady