Monday, April 27, 2009

Godin on What's Broken

Good marketing, customer service, and communication in any business is what determines whether or not products sell or customers return. I am not suggesting the church should run like a business, but think there is a ton we can learn about how to be more effective in our communication and systems development. This video is from business guru Seth Godin regarding what is broken in the world of business. Perhaps those of us in the church can learn a thing or two from resources like this about how to better communicate with and engage our people.


John C said...

Man . . . that dude has a HUGE back portion of his head! Must have to do with his smarts.

I sent P&G an email today because our Swiffer Sweeper broke and I didn't think that it should have. I received the following reply - "wonderful" example of customer service and something broke!

"Thanks for taking the time to contact us – we value your opinions and appreciate your questions and concerns. We’ve received a lot of email lately and are not able to reply to them as quickly as we’d like. We’re working hard to get caught up and hope to respond to you soon. In the meantime, we invite you to visit our Company website where you can link to FAQ’s about P&G and our products. "

John C said...

What's TOTALLY broke is that Seth probably got a speaking fee of $75,000 for that talk. :-)

Scott Sterner said...

John. Good example of how customer service can keep people from feeling the double-whammy of a broken product and lost customer.

I'm sure Seth would say his expensive retainer is anything but broke! :)

Anonymous said...