Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Internet and Email Black Hole

Remember what a black hole is? It is an area in space where the gravitational pull is so strong that even light can't escape its pull, consequently, it is a space that is completely black.. a space that sucks everything in around it.

Well... with the move into our 15 Foster location, we are not only really busy trying to move in a ton of office furniture and get offices and rooms organized, but we are completely without internet. The various schedule pressures have kept me busy dawn to dusk (dawn to late into the evening would be a better description) and the lack of email access has kept me out of touch. Please know that I'll do what I can to check things in the evening, but until things change, I will likely be very slow to respond to any form of communication. Also, I do plan on blogging in the future, but it is clearly not in the cards until the move-in is completed and life can return to a little more of a normal pace.

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George Halitzka said...

Scott, sorry to hear about all the craziness--and lack of e-mail! (I don't know how I would survive...) Praying for you and the folks at Parkview today.