Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas at Parkview

Blogging frequency has been down as preparations for a busy Christmas season have increased. We had a wonderful "kick-off" this weekend for the Christmas season at Parkview. In the worship center we featured a contemporary Christmas celebration and in our chapel venue a more traditional celebration. Though my involvement in the worship center kept me from the chapel, I heard things went really fantastic. Every account from those in the worship center resounded with positive feedback. Thanks to all of you who poured yourself out to make these services a success for the kingdom.

Despite these victories, there is more yet to come with another celebration next weekend as well as services on Dec 22-23 and Christmas Eve. Your prayers are still coveted as many things continue to come together for these upcoming weekends.

As I close, I thought I'd let you all know that on Friday we were able to add "evites" for the remaining December services to our website. To invite a friend all you need to do is click on "evite" on the main page and it will instruct you how to automatically email an ecard with the artwork and information for the remaining Christmas services. Hope you can take advantage of this great tool.

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