Saturday, September 29, 2007

Desiring God National Conference

My lovely wife and I have been enjoying attending the Desiring God National Conference entitled “Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints”. All of the sessions have been fantastic. A written summary and the mp3 from each session are posted within an hour of the session. Tonight Dr. Helen Roseveare spoke. Helen is an 82-year-old physician who has been single all her life and for much of it, served as a missionary in the Congo. Earlier in her ministry in the Congo she was kidnapped and held for 5 months. Throughout that time she was beaten and raped numerous times. After getting rescued she was sent back to England for medical attention and forced, against her wishes, to stay there for one year. Once she was permitted, she returned to the Congo to reach these people God had laid upon her heart with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There is just something so beautiful about an 82 year old woman with snow-white hair speaking about living your life to the end, serving Jesus with all of your heart. Truly inspirational! Her session as well as all the sessions are being posted here on the blog. I’d encourage you to check out the sessions when you have time.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog about the 82 year doctor who has given her life to help those in Africa. I remember talking to Carrie when you were enroute to the conference and would like sometime to listen to the mp3 postings of the conference. I truly enjoy reading what is going on with you as you grow in Chris Likeness. I too would have felt grieved about the idea that music has to be relevant to todays youth in order to draw them into the body of Christ. The message of the Cross is what they want to hear yet music is important. Do you remember all our conversations at the time I left Parkview and went to the PCA church? I've come full circle on my thoughts about music vs the message. I feel music must speak of Christ and Him alone. If the music talks about things related to self then it has lost the true meaning of how music should be.

The Escondido Lady

Scott Sterner said...

You would have really liked hearing Dr. Rosevere. Her life was such an inspiration.

Christ centered music is definitely the key. I remember out conversations from those early days. I hope your present church is providing you a context to worship the Savior in this way.